Alex D. 


I visited Milwaukee last week with my family for a short vacation and we came across this place while we were going to different areas. It was very interesting outside so it definitely caught our attention. The whole place was amazing so we tried going inside and we’re delighted to see it was just as amazing as it looked from the outside. The ambiance was very relaxing inside and my parents loved that the vibe since we’ve got the chance to rest after going around the places in Milwaukee. We loved the menu as well and everything they served was so delicious! I’ll make sure to visit this restaurant again with my family or friends. They need to try going to this place. 


Elaine T. 


Jardin Restaurant was really a good place. I’ve been visiting this restaurant and eating here ever since I moved to Milwaukee for my work. My friend who lives in this place recommended this restaurant to me as soon as I moved into my new house. I tried going off course so I could try for myself if it was really good. I found out that everything she said was true. Before I know it, I found myself loving this restaurant and visiting whenever I have the time. It’s perfect to eat here after work or when it’s my off-day. I find it perfect when I want to relax and dine peacefully so it has become my favorite place in Milwaukee. 


Jack V. 


As a tourist who was fond of visiting different places every once in a while, I am very picky when it comes to looking for a place to eat. I want a place that could give me good service and has a bunch of friendly staff. So I tend to research to find the best restaurants. I usually read reviews about them online and check people’s comments about them especially before going to that place. I found this restaurant on the internet and saw good reviews about it so I visited the restaurant when I was in Milwaukee. True enough, the people working here are very warm and welcoming towards the customers so I had a great time!