Hello, is it possible to see your menu on this website? If yes, how and where can I see it all? Do I see the prices there as well? 


Hi, thank you so much for the interest in our menu. Yes, you can definitely see the menu of our restaurant on this website and yes, it also shows the prices of meals and drinks. If you want to see it all, just go to the ‘menu’ tab that you may see at the top part of this website. Just click it and you’ll be directed to the menu immediately where you will see a short description of the meals and drinks as well as the prices of each. 


Can I order from your restaurant and have it delivered to my place? If yes, how? 


Yes, you can order from us and we’ll deliver it to your place. To order, you can send us a message or call us through the contacts given on this website. If you want, you can also go to the menu tab and click the order button which would give you the drop down of dishes to choose from.  


Will it be possible to cancel my order? 


We apologize but no, we don’t accept cancellations of orders especially once it’s already being delivered or it had already delivered. However, if you will cancel within 5 minutes after you call us, we still can do something about it. 


Can I make reservations at your restaurant? How? 


Yes, you can make reservations at our restaurant. You can just send us an email and tell us about the reservation you would like to make. You could also reserve through this site by accessing the ‘reservation’ tab on this website. Just fill out the forms given there to provide us with the information we need. For inquiries regarding this service, or for more information, just send us an email so we can further assist you.