Jardin Restaurant was built in Milwaukee by a group of friends who started to think about creating their own business even at a young age. As teenagers, they took every opportunity to build small businesses, starting from garage sales in their homes every summer, and from fashioning accessories they sell to their classmates when there is school. For years, they never ran out of new ideas for business until they all arrived at the agreement they would build their own restaurant in the future. They found this a great idea since cooking is one of their favorite hobbies as a group. They took culinary arts and an assortment of baking and cooking classes which then became their foundation in fulfilling their dream. 


When they all finished studying the courses they chose, they wasted no time in planning to build their own restaurant. They took their time especially when they realized that doing a business is not easy as it seems. This needed careful planning, time, and effort to take off. All of them did their own contribution to this place until they finally were able to put their restaurant on the map. Aside from the support they give and get from each other, these girls number one supporter was their family. They became their worse critique in improving their craft until they had perfected the recipe that kept people coming back for more. 


Jardin Restaurant was instantly accepted by the general public. It was treated as if it was a favorite for a long time. Those who own the place made sure that they get to show how much they studied and trained for this business and they were more than capable of proving themselves in the industry. They are happy as well for the outcome and results of their hard work and dreams. As such, they make sure to give back to the community by giving them the good customer service they deserve.